To-Don’t List for Peace of Mind

We’re all too familiar with to-do lists. Supposedly they keep you organized and productive. The seemingly endless lists also adds the burden of anxiety and feeling overwhelmed that you’ll never complete what’s on your list.

Rather than create another to-do list try making a to-don’t list. A to-don’t list is a quick checklist to use when planning your day, activity, or project. Ask yourself these 3 simple questions and you’re on your way to reducing your stress!

Who else can do this instead of me? – DELEGATE

It’s easy to get caught in the trap of believing that if you don’t do it it won’t be done. While it’s true at times, more often other people will step up when you step back. Give people a chance to step up by delegating and asking for their assitance.

Does this need to happen right now?WAIT

Though you may feel urgency and stress around a task it doesn’t make it so. Sometimes waiting a few hours or even days gives you the time and clarity to approach the task in a simplier way.

What can I do to make this easier?SIMPLIFY

If you’re anything like me taking the easy way doesn’t come naturally! But a simple approach gives you more time and less anxiety to enjoy the life that you want.

Be sure to also download our to-do and to don’t list template. Tell us, how will creating a to-don’t list impact your life? Let’s Learn. Change. Grow. together.

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