Held several times a year The Ladipo Group hosts and participates in workshops and events that support self-care and wellness.

On September 21, 2016 we hosted our first panel discussion on Institutionalized Racism and Impact on Behavioral Health Professionals of Color Panelists included: Lee Carson, LSW, Dr. George James, Dr. Valerie Newman-Freeman, and Dr. Marquita Williams. Moderator: Tonya Ladipo, LCSW

Informative and honest we shared our experiences, reflections, and ways to cope.

Upcoming 2016 Workshops & Events

October 2016 – Emotional Liberation Fellowship for Women of Color

November 2016 – Annual Noire Soiree co-hosted with Tresse Noire

Past Workshops & Events

April 23, 2016
Move Something Conference in Atlantic City, NJ

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Noire Soiree: All Things Beautiful for Health & Wellness (November 2015) co-hosted with Tresse Noire was a fabulous event! We had 50 women eager to learn Health & Wellness tips about: *self-care, *finances, *hair care, and more! Satin-lined hats by Natural Born Hats, chair massages by Beverly Weaver, manicures by Canvas Skin, and organic hair care products by cinagrOrganic were enjoyed by many.

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Our Signature Event S.O.S. for Superwomen (September 2015) was a success! We had a great group of women ready to make change and practice taking care of themselves in addition to everyone else.

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Healthy Relationships, Healthy YOU! (May 2015)

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