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Tim Massaquoi

Tim Massaquoi

Tim Massaquoi

Clinical Director

MA Counseling Psychology, LPC

Tim Massaquoi

Tim Massaquoi is currently the Clinical Director of Counseling Services at The Ladipo Group. Under Tim’s leadership is the Counseling Department where he oversees day-to-day operations of the clinical staff as well as develops and delivers strategic goals in alignment with company objectives. He has 10+ years of extensive experience in Counseling, Program Development, Process Improvement, Public Relations, and Mental Health. Tim is also a retired NFL player with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Dolphins, and Buffalo Bills.

Tim is a licensed professional counselor in Pennsylvania and owns a private therapy practice in the region. Tim uses a diverse set of therapeutic approaches such as Person-Centered Therapy, Cognitive-behavior therapy, Dialectical Behavior-Therapy, all to support clients to actualize their whole selves. For the past 5 years, Tim has served as the Director at Youth Emergency Service, a homeless youth shelter in Philadelphia, Pa. He has worked in the child welfare and social service industry for over 10 years providing supportive services to youth who experience homelessness and case management.

Tim serves as a board member of the Philadelphia Youth Sports Collaborative as well as a board member of the Youth Collaboratory. “I believe therapy should be active, insightful, and action-oriented. I truly believe the therapist and the client work together to resolve, uncover, and understand the presenting problem’s nature. Although most come to therapy to address a certain problem, therapy can also be a space geared towards discovery and improvement. My desire as a therapist is for my clients to have peace with themselves and their world. In his book “the gift of therapy,” Irvin D. Yalom wrote, “a heightened sensibility to existential issues deeply influences the nature of the relationship of the therapist and patient and affects every single therapy session.” Activating awareness allows us to know our unknowns. Lastly, the journey is beautiful and encapsulates all the things that make us human beings.”

Tim received his MA in Counseling Psychology from Eastern University and his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan.