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Dr. R.O.Corbett (she/they)


Dr. R.O.Corbett is a Sports Medicine Researcher, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Specialist, and a Certified Athletic Trainer. 

DrROC is originally from New York where they attended LIU Brooklyn and earned their B.S./M.S. in Athletic Training and after realizing they had more clinical questions they wanted to find answers to, returned to school and earned their Ph.D. in Sports Medicine from the University of Virginia. DrROC has committed herself to promoting diverse, equitable, and inclusive practices in healthcare and higher education. DrROC conducts workshops and training sessions for the implementation of culturally competent practices. Understanding the importance of patient-centered care and student-centered learning, DrROC breaks down the need for empathetic, inclusive, and equitable practices to facilitate better outcomes. 

DrROC’s research interests include racial disparities in healthcare for active and athletic populations, psychosocial aspects of sports and athletic training, as well as patient care post-injury and its impact on quality of life.

DEI Consulting