Summer Takeaways

This has been a summer of milestones for me. I turned 40. Went surfing for the first time. And mourned the loss of a friend. In the days since surfing and the funeral I’ve been thinking about how necessary it is for us to fully live the life that we have been given.

I get caught up in the details of life as much as the next person does. And the details can be useful. It gives us structure and routine to our lives. But it’s easy to lose sight of the purpose of our lives when we’re so busy running around that we don’t leave ourselves time to think or just be. Being everything to everyone at all times gets old. Not having time to yourself gets old. Constantly feeling tired and rundown gets old.

As we leave summer and transition into fall consider how you spent the past few months summer.

  • What did you do to bring joy to your world this summer?Focused
  • What’s one more joyful thing you can do in these last days of summer?
  • How will you create joy during the fall?

Life happens and joyful moments don’t always happen spontaneously. But when they do, embrace them. And when they don’t, create them. Living your life well is good self-care. How do you make time for joy in your life? Let’s Learn. Change. Grow. together. Join us on Saturday September 19th for our Signature Event S.O.S. for Superwomen where we’ll teach you how to consistently make time for joy in your life. $25 Early Bird Registration Ends 8/31 so register now!

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