Stress No More

Stress Awareness Month came into existence in 1992. And it’s no wonder that we need a month dedicated to the awareness of stress as it has significant effects on our health, mind, and relationships. Physically stress can cause heart attacks, strokes, and hypertension to name a few. But what about all of the other ways that stress effects our lives?

Whether it’s being short-tempered at home, overwhelmed at work, or generally dissatisfied in life, stress can take up a significant part of our daily lives.

The first part to dealing with stress (in a healthy way of course!) is to recognize its impact on you and your life. Ask yourself:

  1. How do I experience stress?
  2. Does my body hurt (headaches or stomach pains)?
  3. Does my mind hurt (constantly running thoughts, unable to stop mind from racing)?  Stressed
  4. How does my stress impact those around me?
  5. Does stress damage my relationships?

Once you have an understanding of how stress manifests itself in your life you can do something to change it. In the coming weeks we’ll share our stress-reliever tips with you.

Tell us, how do you know when you’re stressed? Let’s #LearnChangeGrow together! Don’t forget to register for our Stress Relief workshop on May 9th. Early Bird rate of $25 ends 4/25

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