Practical Relaxation Tips for Busy, Working Women

Life can get so hectic at times, and juggling home and work can become pretty stressful. The never-ending mission to create balance can feel almost impossible for even the most resilient of women. As woman we wear so many hats, and in the midst of all life’s craziness, we tend to neglect our own needs. Every busy, working woman needs a way to decompress, and while we all wish we had the option of a spa day, sometimes that just isn’t doable.  So today, we are sharing a few ways to relax throughout your day.

Have your moment. Whether it is waking up early to get a quiet moment to yourself, or actually taking that 10-minute, well-deserved break from work, give yourself the time to just be still. Deep breathing during your quiet moment will forever be one of our top ways to reset and refocus.

Aromatherapy. We love essential oils, and lavender is always close by. Diffusing in your office or even a quick dab behind the ears are both ways to enjoy the calming power of aromatherapy. Buy some fresh lavender or pick some from the garden and enjoy its relaxing aroma.

Have a good laugh.  ‘Laughter is the best medicine’ could not be any truer statement. Whether it is your favorite show or a person in your life that brings out the fun in you, take the time to indulge in something that makes you laugh.

We would love to hear about what things help keep you relaxed. What is your top way of unwinding after a busy day? Whether it is yoga in the evenings, or dinner out with your friends, share the moment – take a selfie and tag us!

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