Life Lessons From Your Children

With Mother’s Day less than 2 weeks away, I thought it would only be fitting to talk about 3 important life lessons my children have taught me.

#1 Forgive Thyself
I’m always amazed at how easily my children are willing to forgive me. When I hurt their feelings and apologize they usually respond, “it’s okay Mommy, I forgive you.” It seems so simple! Yet often I twist myself up with guilt about hurting them.

Forgiveness is usually associated with other people. The forgiveness that we give to others. But what about the forgiveness that we give (or don’t) give to ourselves? Holding onto the hurts we’ve caused others hurts us and our relationships. When we’re consumed with guilt we can’t see outside of it and the relationships we actually care about take a backseat.

Forgiveness is never easy. It’s a conscious decision that gives you room to make space for healing for yourself or with another person.

#2 Failure Isn’t a Bad Thing
As a bit of a perfectionist, the concept of failure as a good and necessary thing is hard for me to naturally embrace. But as I’ve watched my children try new things, get frustrated, fail, and then try again I see the valuable lessons in failure.

I see the benefit of not getting what you want because something that is necessary is coming instead. I see the ability to manage disappointment when you’ve truly tried your best and you still don’t succeed. And I see the accomplishment is sweeter when you’ve tried really hard, failed, tried again and finally succeeded.

#3 Small Pleasures
When my children were toddlers I saw the world through new eyes. The flowers that bud in spring, the leaves that fall in autumn, the crowds of people walking down the street all looked different as I saw them through my children’s eyes.

It’s harder to rush through your day when answering the endless “why” questions that come from children. Children give us the opportunity to literally stop and smell the roses or dandelions or whatever else is along the way. Enjoying the small moments of the day is a lesson gratitude, stillness, and being present.

What life lessons have you learned from children in your life?  Tweet us and let us know.

Photo Credit: Mocha Parents Awesome Kids

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