Two more injustices — What Next?

I like many of us have been outraged, pained, wounded, and deeply disappointed with the two grand juries, and systems, that acquitted the murders of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

As I grapple with the feelings and revolving questions of What next? and When will it stop? I find myself lookinBlack boysg more closely at Black boys. Little toddlers, tweens, and teens are the focus of my vision these days.

I look at the little ones and wonder how anyone can harm them. I see the tweens and know that very soon they will be considered threatening and aggressive to many. I see the adolescents and wonder what fears their families feel every time they leave the house.

I don’t have the answer to changing a system that is based on systemic oppression. But I believe that an integral piece of it comes from seeing the humanity in people, to knowing that there is value in every living thing on Earth. And that those with privilege can have a basic understanding and commitment to this.

And so I return to my December challenge of finding Simple Joys and spots of light and goodness when it feels like we’re surrounded by darkness these days. How are you talking and feeling about these injustices? Just like when times are good, when times are hard let’s Learn. Change. and Grow. together.

1 thought on “Two more injustices — What Next?”

  1. Hi Tanya
    Thank you for writing about this very real, tragic and sad situation: systemic racism. What I think is good about this situation is that the issue is being brought to light so that we, as individuals and as a country, can face the problems and begin to make the changes necessary for all people to be valued and respected. Civil rights are so fundamental and we have a way to go on ensuring these for all our citizens.

    Stephanie Costello LCSW

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