Healthy You = Healthy Others!

So often people, especially women, are giving of themselves. They give their time, energy, mind, heart, and money. And many do it naturally without a second thought even though there are times they may feel depleted, exhausted, and even resentment.

An important part of being in relationship with other people is making sure that your needs are met. When you feel fulfilled you can give to others without the exhaustion and resentment. 

There are three parts to all relationships that need attention:

  1. You
  2. Other Person
  3. Relationship

Remember, tending to your own needs allows you to better tend to the needs of others. What one thing will you do today to fill yourself? Share in the comments section. Let’s Learn. Change. Grow. together!

Missed our Healthy Relationships, Healthy YOU! workshop this past Saturday? Check out our 3 C’s of Healthy Relationships for some of the info that we shared.

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