What’s Good About You?

We all have a little #Cookie in us. Parts of us that we may not be so proud of. And these are the parts that may cause us shame or harm or low self-esteem. So often we focus on these parts of ourselves, the pieces that we dislike and want to change. And while it’s necessary to look at and sometimes change those parts of ourselves, we often overlook the pieces of us that we do like.

Last week spoke about honoring our ancestor’s sacrifices by enjoying the life that we have. Continue to celebrate and honor #womenshistorymonth by celebrating the goodness of you.

Take a moment to think about what you enjoy about yourself. Is it your humor? your laugh? your integrity? your silliness? What about you do you love?

If you’re struggling to find an answer then consider what other people say they love about you. What are those things? Do you agree?

Share in the comments sections what you love about you. I’ll start — I love my stubborness and my unexplained love of musicals. Your turn. Let’s Learn. Change. Grow. together!

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