Finish What You Started – New Year’s Resolutions in July

It’s hard to imagine that 6 months ago we were shoveling snow and chilled to the bone! Most people made a New Year’s resolution, either a formal declaration or a private thought and promise to do something differently. Now that we’re at the half way point of the year, how are you doing?

Are you going to the gym regularly? Improving your marriage or relationship? Spending more time with friends? Are you living the life that you want? Don’t wait another 6 months to make the same resolutions that you made last year. If the year is half gone it also means that there are 6 more months in 2014! That’s 6 more months to recommit to your goals and 6 more months to make the changes that you want for yourself and your life.

First, forgive yourself! If you got off track or never really got going with your resolutions forgive yourself. If you don’t you can’t move on and start doing what you need to to make change.

Second, revisit your initial goals. Are the declarations that you made in January still relevant and needed in your life now? Has your focus or priorities changed since then? Be sure to determine if your original goals are still useful to you now.

Finally, make a plan and get started! Doing something new and making changes can be overwhelming. Take small steps to make it more manageable. Make a plan, put it in writing, and take a small step each day. By doing so you’ll be much closer to your goal by the end of this year!

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