3 Simple Steps to Clear Emotional Clutter

If you finished last week’s exercise of taking stock of your emotional clutter you’re ready to develop an action plan (check out the Taking Stock of your Emotional Clutter here)! Just like physical clutter, emotional clutter can take over our lives without us really noticing it.

Now that you know what is cluttering your brain and heart you can make an action plan to clear it.

           Acrainbow swirltion Plan in 3 Simple Steps

  1. Tell yourself to stop.
  2. Physically remove yourself from where you are.
  3. Create a colorful fantasy.

Pay attention to when your automatic tapes (the clutter) start playing. As soon as you recognize it tell yourself to STOP. I’m a big fan of talking (positively) to yourself so say it aloud! Vocalizing it interrupts the temotional clutter. Next, you need to replace that voice/thought wstop_sign_pageith something else. Distraction and fantasy are two of my favorites.

Get up and do something, anything other than what you were doing. It can be as simple as going to a different room, putting on music, calling a friend, or walking around the block. Another great tip is to fantasize about something that brings you joy.

Day dream about warmer weather, a vacation you want to take, or plans for the weekend. Whatever the fantasy fill it in with details and make it colorful to keep you away from the emotional clutter you’re clearing out.

Have other tips that work for you? Share in the comment section. Let’s #LearnChangeGrow together!


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