Professional Staff Development & Training

The Ladipo Group provides high quality, culturally relevant programming to agencies and organizations. We recognize that staff needs sufficient support and training in order to provide the best service and care to their consumers. Staff training is a cost-effective way of ensuring quality services.

How We’re Different

Real World Application – We are exceptional at giving practical information and the concrete tools that consumers and staff need. Our curriculum are designed to provide in-depth information that is used on an ongoing basis.

Professional Development Training Topics:

Clinical Supervision and Consultation

Oftentimes resources limit the therapeutic and clinical support that staff receives. Clinical consultation is a cost-effect way to meet this need. Our licensed mental health professionals conduct clinical consultation and case review for provider agencies on an ongoing basis.


Listen to our Director of Training Lee Carson talk about diversity, social constructs, and microaggressions.

What is your why? – Diversity and Cultural Competency

People are saying:

“The staff as well as myself enjoyed the presentation. It was very informative. The suggestions given for stress management in dealing with vicarious or secondary trauma were useful/helpful.
I would like to thank you on the behalf of my entire social work region. I also thank you for having your representatives present on such short notice. They were awesome.
I’m looking forward to working with you gain in the future.”Tamara Washington-Askew,MSW Department of Human Services Specialty InvestigationsSocial Work Supervisor
“The Ladipo Group trainings we have received have been an incredible boon to our ability to reach our staff through high quality professional development. Ladipo Group presenters are well-prepared, engaging, and honest about what it takes to “do hard work” in the community. Our staff have felt supported, understood, and respected. As a Director, I have noticed staff using shared language and shared experiences from the trainings to build connections with each other and develop a supportive peer group that challenges all team members to keep working better and harder, using their new skills. The staff we employ, as well as the clients we work with, represent a broad and diverse range of professional and personal experiences. The Ladipo Group has given us opportunities to share those experiences with each other and build a stronger, more trauma informed, nurturing workplace!”Director of Residential Non-Profit with $8M+ budget
“Your workshop at Missions Sunday (Second Baptist Church of Germantown) was appreciated by all attendees. It really got us to thinking about ordering our priorities in our daily lives. The Missions Board is very grateful to you for your contributions to our very successful Missions Sunday.
God bless you.”Bessie Jordan-Byrd
Missions Board President, Second Baptist Church of Germantown

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