Change the voices in your head, make them like you instead

Pink said it perfectly, “Change the voices in your head, make them like you instead.” How often do we say mean and unkind things to ourselves?

  • “You’re so stupid, I can’t believe that you just did that?”
  • “Are you an idiot?!”
  • “What are you thinking, how can you be so stupid?”

These are phrases that often run through our minds about ourselves.┬áSometimes people think that being critical and hard on themselves makes them more successful and productive. But in reality it’s hurtful and draining. The only effects of this negative self-talk is feeling low and getting stuck. Think about former Rutgers University basketball coach Mike Rice berating and yelling at his team. There is nothing motivating or encouraging. It is painful and mean.

But imagine a coach who is encouraging, supportive, disciplined, and helping athletes strive for their best. It is a very different and much more effective way of developing players’ strengths. It’s the difference between the brilliance of Phil Jackson (I’m biased as I was born and raised in Chicago!) and Mike Rice. But the video of Mike Rice highlights what many people say in their own heads about themselves on a regular basis.

Rather than being critical and making mean and unkind comments to yourself consider being a supportive coach instead. Learn how to be honest with yourself and change what you don’t like without being cruel to yourself.

Need help making this a reality and putting it into practice? Join us for our 90-minute Heal Your Inner Critic workshop during this month’s Every Woman Group (Sunday May 18th 3:00pm – 4:30pm). Pre-registration required.

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