Make a Carefree Summer a Reality

black woman reading outsideAt a BBQ this weekend I spoke to a woman talking about her summer. “I thought that it would be fun and relaxing but it’s just busy!”

Whether it’s the transition from school to camp schedules or starting a new job or traveling it seems like time quickly evaporates. And the carefree summer that many of wish for remain dreams.

But it is possible to create a fun and relaxing summer a reality with a few simple steps!

First, determine what’s important to you this summer. Do you want to go to the beach often? See outdoor movies? Travel? Whatever it is you must first identify what will give you a relaxing summer.

Next, put it on the calendar! As carefree as you want to be if you don’t make a plan then it won’t happen.

Finally, invite someone along. Sometimes it’s easier to make time for fun activities if other people are counting on you. So invite a friend to join you.

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