Self-Care Tips for Working Women

Since 1997, women-owned businesses have increased in number by 74 percent. It’s especially easy for working women and women business owners to forget about their own self-care when they’re busy caring for their babies, literally and figuratively. Whether they’re solely focused on managing their business or also juggling family alongside a business self-care often goes out the window. But to have a healthy work routine, life, and self, taking care of yourself is essential! Here are just a few daily self-care tips for working women:

The Morning Drive to Work – Use your commute time wisely! Consider audiobooks for motivational, inspiration, or business-focused books. Or use your commute time as “me time” and listen to music or read/listen to a fun book.

Learn to Unplug – You might own your own business, but that doesn’t mean you need to be connected to your phone or laptop 24/7. Set up boundaries of when you will and will not work. Put the electronics away and instead of writing emails at 9pm at night from your bed, take a bubble bath and diffuse some lavender to relax. The work can wait until tomorrow. As an entrepreneur, there will always be more to do and there is no one telling you to stop or be still. But to continue the journey for the long haul setting boundaries for yourself is crucial.

Get Moving – Make sure you set aside time for your physical health. Typing on a computer doesn’t count! Our bodies were meant to move and not stay stationary behind a computer all day. Physical activity can be a great and necessary stress reliever for entrepreneurs. Take walks during lunch or start your morning with yoga. Whatever you choose, get out of the office and work up a sweat!

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