5 Things You Learn As You Grow Older

There are things, that I wish I would have grasp a little sooner in life. But you know how it goes, I am a self-professed work in progress. In a society that likes to compare, it has a direct effect on how we interact and view others. It also affects the way we love and treat ourselves. After reading a blog post on The Blode entitled “13 F*cks You Stop Giving When You’re a Grown Woman“, it got me thinking about changes that have happened on my own journey through life. Here are the 5 things you learn as you grow older.

  1. Not everyone’s opinion is worth your attention. I get it, it is hard not to care about what other people think. But let me tell you how freeing it could be. Of course, there are people’s opinions that matter, but really make the distinction between those people, and the people who are not worth your attention.  
  1. Not giving myself enough credit. Until you realize how amazing you were created to be, you can’t be that amazing! Instead you hold yourself back with fear and “what ifs”. As a dear friend always reminds me, “Sunflower, when did you forget you’re a sunflower?”
  1. Being afraid to make a mistake. This is hard for us high-achievers and perfectionists but it’s necessary to embrace! We need to recognize that not only will we make mistakes but that these mistakes move us closer to our destiny. We need to realize that learning from our mistakes helps us grow to our full potential in life.
  1. Trying to fit in instead of just being you. It took me a while to realize and be comfortable with the fact that I’m different. I’m uniquely and wonderfully made and if I spend all of my time trying to be like everyone else, I won’t have time to be me. As a parent I watch my girls’ grow into who they were made to be. And part of my work as a mother is helping them grow into themselves. Not into someone else. Don’t we deserve the same for ourselves?
  1. Comparison is destructive. Stop looking at Facebook or Instagram and thinking that your life should be as fabulous as everyone else’s. Even Beyonce’s life isn’t as fabulous as it appears. Remember Lemonade?  Run your own race and focus on the path set before you.

As you grow through life, you really start to understand what is important. The things you use to worry about, no longer matter. You get to a place where you are confident in the person you are becoming, and that is such a powerful thing. Growing older definitely gives you chance to become a little wiser too. Make sure you take life’s bumps in the road to really learn more about yourself, and who you want to be. You will thank yourself later.

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