3 Tips to Get Through the Snowy Season!

This has been a really hard winter! Long power outages, back-breaking snow shoveling, and missed days of work and school is enough to drive us batty.

flower through snow

Use these simple steps to keep a routine and get through the rest of the season:

  1. Don’t sleep the day away. As tempting as it may be to nap all day long, limit naps to short intervals and keep your regular bedtime.
  2. Exercise. No one is going for a run outside these days. But walk a flight of stairs, do sit-ups, or stretch. Do something to get and keep your body moving.
  3. Start your spring cleaning now. If you have power but are stuck at home make the most of the time by clearing out the clutter.

If all else fails, remember that spring is 30 days away! The sun will melt away the snow and the flowers will bloom eventually.

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