The Ladipo Group offers couples therapy to couples who want to improve their relationship. We offer this service to people who are married or have partners, those living together, considering future commitments, and those who are currently dating. We also provide couples therapy to people who are no longer together but wish to resolve their issues in order to co-parent or to resume their relationship.

Practical Communication Tips for Couples

Our Couples, Marriage, and Family Therapy Services and Specialties include:

  • Improving Communication shutterstock_333829925
  • Addressing and Healing from Infidelity
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Pre-marital Counseling
  • LGBTQ Couples
  • Challenges with Sexual Intimacy
  • Helping families navigate separation/divorce
  • Improving communication between parents and children

Our therapists are trained and have experience with working with couples in therapy. Their goal is to understand how you want to improve your relationship and to give you the tools to make those changes.

Difficulty communicating is often a problem for couples. At times people have been hurt and can no longer hear what their partner is saying. People also come from different backgrounds and different ways of communicating. At times, these differences make it difficult for people to understand each other. It is our job to help people hear and understand what is being said to them, and to give them the skills to also speak clearly to their partner or spouse.

FAQs and Common Questions about Couples Therapy

You say “Couples Therapy” but do you provide Marriage Therapy?

Yes! We provide Marriage Therapy. We use the term Couples Therapy because there are many couples in committed relationships who are not married.

How Does Couples/Marriage Therapy Work?
Couples therapy occurs when two people in a relationship seek professional assistance to improve their relationship. As therapists, we take an objective approach to learning about and understanding both people’s perspective about the situation and what needs to change.

The therapist will then help the couple to work together to alter their unhealthy patterns and behaviors. The therapist also provides the couple with techniques to improve their ability to communicate with each other.

How long will we be in Couples Therapy?
Many of our clients report improved satisfaction in their relationships after approximately 12 sessions. Appointments are scheduled weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

Who Seeks Couple Therapy?

  • Couples who have difficulties (arguments, constant bickering, family troubles, etc.) in their relationship.
    Couples considering a major change that will alter the relationship (e.g. having a baby, changing the structure of the relationship).
  • Couples who are comfortable in their relationship but want to improve their communication with each other.
  • Couples who are considering ending their relationship.

Will Couples Therapy “fix” my relationship?
Couples therapy will not “fix” your relationship. It can, however, improve your ability to communicate with your partner and to articulate your needs and goals for the relationship.

Do you work with same-sex and LGBTQ couples?
Yes! Our therapists have expertise in working with LGBTQ couples.

Do you work with interracial couples?
Yes! The Ladipo Group services the African-American and Black Communities as well as their partners.